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There are only a few people in the world who don't love games. When it comes to video gaming, people spend lot more money than ever imagined. If you think that video games are meant for children only, you might be highly mistaken as almost every person loves it. Age doesn't matter now when it comes to video gaming. There are several types of games coming up every month. However the major categories in video gaming might be arcade, adventurous, mystery, puzzle etc. Every person has a different interest and one can choose their category before deciding on game for themselves!

Various games have also been developed on Bollywood and Hollywood movies which also interests many users as you can become your super hero and live up the dream. Various platforms and devices have been provided for playing video games. You can play any type of games on them. However if arcade interests you, we have a special device for you that lets you play any type of arcade game. We have been an expert in providing you with best devices so that you can comfortably enjoy your gaming experience.

Bespoke arcade machine is one such development which is a precious gift to the gaming lovers from all over the world. The company also offers with a full installation facility that will suit the need of one and all. Some of the features of this gaming device are described as follows:

Get unlimited number of games: With the bespoke arcade machine, you can get access to almost thirty thousand new arcade games that are especially designed for this machine.

Get the complete cabinet: After buying the machine, you get the complete arcade cabinet which includes dual core PC and an 80GB memory. You can not only enjoy the inbuilt games but with the extra memory provided you can load even more!

Easy facility for playing games: The machine is provided with a number of joysticks that lets you to easily play your game.

Play your favorite songs along with the game: This arcade machine is not only suitable for playing games but can also play your favorite tracks. Just fill up the machine with your favorite tracks and enjoy!

Inbuilt karaoke player: Throwing a party at home or bored with listening to the previous songs? You can sing a karaoke yourself!

Free gifts: There are many equipments that are provided free of cost. Emulators, pinball tables, free disk memory which can be quite useful.

This arcade device can help you relive your childhood moments back. So if you are also interested in buying this machine, all you need to do is order it online and your free shipping will reach you in a few days! We offer you a secured payment method through which you can make the payment and buy your own machine and start enjoying unlimited gaming with friends and family! Hurry to enjoy the additional benefits!